Eucalypta L.V ~ Gaslighting

I think I first met Eucalypta L.V briefly at Fire, Vauxhall back in January 2016 and then again later that year at Born N Bred Festival (bring that festival back ASAP) where her and Jack saved me from my tinder date. She said she was a singer and sang a little bit for us and I thought she was good back then. Fast forward to now, and Eucalypta L.V has just released her song ‘Gaslighting.’

This song already got to me because I myself have experienced gaslighting a lot. Not many people actually know what gaslighting is or are even aware that they’ve been through it and it’s amazing that she’s raising awareness for Domestic Violence. The song itself is lovely as it’s stripped back with an acoustic guitar and R&B vocals but at the same has a dance beat to it; almost like a dnb beat.

This has to be one of my favourite songs at the moment. To bring awareness to such an important issue and also to bring back the R&B vibes that we’ve all been craving is a credit to herself. Not to mention, Eucalypta is an independent artist whose been doing this for ELEVEN years now; she sings, writes, produces, raps/mcs, plays guitar and piano…basically she’s wonder woman. Not to mention performing at over 100 venues in the UK and collabing with some serious legends from all different music genres.

I’m looking forward to seeing what else is yet to come from her. Make sure you go support and show love to her new song.

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By Destiny Crawford-Corri

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