Shipping It Up In Southampton – Student Street Style

Being a student in Southampton has been just as exciting as being one in London. here are so many students digging into their creative side when it comes to the clothes they wear – it’s inspiring to see.



I would describe my style as very colourful and fun, I really look up to Jeremy Scott and his no boundaries mentality!

Hoodie: eBay

Jersey: Depop

Trousers: New Girl Order

Bag: Charity Shop



I would describe my style is kind of a mix and match of different things. Mostly street or skate-wear! I don’t look up to anybody in particular but Instagram is a place that gives me loads of inspiration for different fits and looks.

Hoodie: Dime

Puffer: Monki

Bag: Polar Skate



I would describe my style as well put together, and mostly smart! I look up to loads of different influencers when it comes to fashion, my favourite is Emily Shakgough!

Sunglasses: Prada

Coat & Shirt: Zara

Shoes: Balenciaga

Bag: Gucci

Trousers: Primark

Belt: Off White



My style is very mix and match, I would say it has punk/Indie/Hippy influences, but I try not to stick to one confined style. I love looking at fashion from the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s especially Vivienne Westwood, but I’m also inspired a lot by music and anti-mainstream culture.

Jumper and jacket: Thrifted

Trousers: Primark

Shoes: Dr Martens



My style is a mix of skateboarding and workwear mainly. There are a few people who inspire me like Jason Dill and Sean Pablo, but mainly I will just see an item of clothing and if I like it then I will wear it.

Sweatshirt: Carhartt

Trousers: Dickies

Shoes: Lakai

Hat: Paccbet



I always seem to re-invent my style. I never adopt to one style and stick with it, because life is too short for that! I’m drawn to bold colours and funky clothing that makes you feel excited and happy when you put them on. David Bowie and Freddie Mercury are the ultimate definition of style. They were both such legends!!

Trousers: Monki

Coat : Topshop

Shoes: Pimkie

Tote bag: Saatchi Gallery

Do you step out of your comfort zone when it comes to clothes? These students loved the clothes they wear, and so should you!

Words and Images By Bethan Long

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