Tallulah ~ More Than Friends

My favourite South London gal, Tallulah, is back with her new song ‘More Than Friends‘ which has appropriately been released on Valentine’s Day ❤️

As the title of the song states, it’s about an amazing friendship turning into romance which she’s singing from her own personal experience. I personally love this song, and love the message that comes across; in my eyes this is the perfect development for a relationship. She’s managed to pinpoint and convey the unexpected moment when she realised it was more than friends and all the intense emotions that followed.

Co-written and produced with the talented Adam Easton and Lawrence Diamond, More Than Friends brings a partnership of a catchy pop song along with Tallulah’s soulful voice. This is one of the first songs she’s released via her label Trash Like You Records and her upcoming EP is due to be released in March.

It’s amazing to see how she grows more and more with each song she makes. I’m really looking forward to the EP and I hope she starts gaining more recognition because she deserves it and she’s going to be a star.


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By Destiny Crawford-Corri

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