Lookbook I – The Quintessentials of an Estate Life

When we first came up with the idea to do a lookbook, this was not it. Like most editors, I wanted it to be like every other front page spread: quirky, venerable and a little out of our price range. As a small publication that went hiatus for the past 3-4 months, that wasn’t gonna happen! Reality, being realistic – how much time and effort do we put into replicating something that’s real…but just not real to us? If I had really thought about it I could have bought some ring-lights, hired studio space and maybe an editor too. But how many concepts can you produce in a confined space? A studio is just a room, and a backdrop is just a backdrop. And we couldn’t justify spending our funds on that9, so we simply shot it outside. Ragged CULT is about much more than the aesthetic, the productivity, the inclusivity, the exclusivity. And the lack of popularity takes a lot of pressure off that those who were once in our position crave now. We don’t have to pretend, we don’t have to fraud or fake it. We can keep it 100, we can keep it raw – we don’t have the pockets of patrons to keep us in line. It kind of reminds me of estates – the setting in which we chose for this lookbook. They’re undesirable, they’re washed-out shit holes; “the worst kind of place you can live“. They’re ridden with crime and pure nationalism – an unattainable future. And for the some part, it’s true. But some of the best designers, musicians and all-round creatives were bred in these ‘shit holes‘. You want to know what the real truth of the working-class is this? We don’t wait for the sun to shine on us, we find the rays of light in places of glumness and the dirt-paved streets of inner city life.

Model stands in front of white garage. She is wearing a black graphic tee with the slogan 'Lethal', grey camouflage cargo trousers and pillarbox red peep-toe stiletto heels. She also has a silver masquerade mask covering her eyes.
Photography: Destiny Crawford-Corri

《 Morgana Sin‘s is an American T-shirt brand heavily influenced by Chola, Rockabilly and Heavy Metal culture. Showing an alternative representation of Mexico,  Morgana stocks a variety of unisex designs. The irony of voodoo gangsters and Trump prints is what gives this brand the edge. Its wearability makes this designer versatile to wear – the tees can easily be dressed up for evening-wear or and dress down for casual day looks. Despite facing personal difficulties including abuse and homelessness, designer – Cynthia Rizo‘s sheer determination transpires through her work, which has rewarded her her 1st showroom in the capital of fashion – Paris. 》

Photography: Destiny Crawford-Corri

Charis is wearing Blackwood’s pendant in ‘Beloved Lady’

Photography: Destiny Crawford-Corri
Charis is wearing Go To Hell hoodie in ‘Skateboard Reaper’

《 Blackwood is a Lithuanian-based jewellery brand who combines the craftsmanship of bespoke with gothic motifs. With Founder and designer – Quinn Blackwood‘s passion for the Pagan religion, you can note themes of nature and fantasy streaming through his collections. What differentiates this brand from other jewellers, is that it’s more than just accessories – each piece has a profound story behind it, whether it be a fairytale or a segment of Blackwood‘s ancestry. “Can’t imagine my life without this, without crafting and painting, and incorporating one into another.” 》

Photography: Destiny Crawford-Corri

Photography: Destiny Crawford-Corri

Words By My Superiority Complex – Fashion Director at Ragged CULT

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PhotographyDestiny Crawford Corri

Styling + Creative DirectionCharis Crawford Corri

*This content is in partnership with all brands mentioned, however all opinions are my own. All images are copyright of Destiny Crawford Corri, licensed to Ragged Culture Publishing Limited*


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