Chlöe Howl ~ Work

I must’ve been living under a rock because I hadn’t heard of Chlöe Howl prior this morning; shoutout Tallulah for introducing her to me 💕 This bomb as redhead has just released an actual girl anthem ‘Work.’

I really needed this song at this present moment. The whole premise of the song is about holding out on guy regarding jumping into a relationship and having sex with them. “If they want a fantasy they can work for ya” is such a bad ass powerful line; I don’t think enough of us make guys/girls work hard enough for us in my opinion. “Cos we ain’t nobodies for nothing tonight” really targets the male mindset that they feel like they’re entitled to sex all the time. “Let’s see what you feel, if it’s real, if I take my time” really hit hard for me; I will admit apart from with my ex Dan he was the only one who waited out till I was ready to be intimate in that way (shoutout to you dan ✨). I think it’s so hard and if you wanna sleep with someone straight away that’s fine, but I do feel no one really makes someone work for their love and time.

This is an excellently produced song which is upbeat, but still has an amazing message. Her huskier, low sultry tones to her voice fit perfectly. This is the ultimate relationship pop song which is there to empower us.

I’m so glad I’ve found Chlöe now and will be looking out for her EP dropping soon which is titled ‘Work.’

By Destiny Crawford-Corri ~ Music Editor

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