Yizzy ~ Hype Ting

I’m quite out the loop on new grime artists probably because I’ve been busy recently but I AM BACK! Gen sent this over to our email so I thought I’d give it a listen and turns out I actually like it. ‘Hype Ting‘ is the latest single from Yizzy following his ‘S.O.S ‘ EP which he released in May.


This reminds me of the old skool grime that people like Jammer, JME, Wiley etc used to make in the noughties. This song would bang at a rave or festival with all the energy from the crowd. Depending on mood it can sound a bit repetitive so I wouldn’t advise putting it on repeat like I’ve done this morning.

Yizzy really has some serious talent and I’m excited to see his journey. He’s already earned his stripes by collaborating with the likes of Ruff Sqwad’s Rapid, Treble Clef, Logan Sama, and Star One. He’s also shelled down Strawberries & Cream Festival, Mixpak’s summer party at Boxpark and the one and only Leeds Festival.


“Hype Ting is all about living in the moment, getting hyped and excited over the tune… It’s about not caring what the world, or anyone thinks of you because you are going to do you and live your life your way.” – Yizzy

Listen Here

By Destiny Crawford-Corri

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