The Beths ~ Future Me Hates Me

New Zealand pop-rock band The Beths are a four piece comprised of members Elizabeth Stoke (Guitar/Vocals), Jonathan Pearce (Guitar/Vocals), Benjamin Sinclair (Bass) and Ivan Luketina-Johnston (Drums). Prior to forming in 2016, the four members were jazz students at the University of Auckland and bonded over their shared love for pop-punk. Taking advantage of their musical training and real life friendship, they successfully translate their musical capabilities into an impressive chemistry.

After delivering a promising EP ‘Warm Blood in 2016, The Beths return with an impressive pop-rock debut ‘Future Me Hates Me released on Carpark Records. Filled with energy, attitude and catchy hooks, they’re drawing attention from both fans and major outlets alike.

Like their EP, ‘Future Me Hates Me was produced by guitarist Pearce and Stokes’ lyrics are about the anxiety of relationships and feelings. The 10 track album contains power pop melodies that smack you in the face with heavy drums and fluttering guitars. Filled with a fluid melody, every track is a great listen. Opener “Great No One” has thrashing guitars and delicate vocals and could be placed comfortably in to the soundtrack of “Empire Records.” You Wouldn’t Like Me” contains a simple melody echoing Courtney Barnett and simplistic guitar chords that carry the song along nicely. “Happy Unhappy” is fast and quirky; the lead and backing vocals are the icing on the cake, and the broad guitar solo is the cherry on top. The Beths excel at playing loud and fun pop-rock tunes with a pop-punk flair spurred along with beautiful vocal harmonies. However, they are fully capable of venturing into a slightly heavy folk melody with “River Run Lvl 1” that’s a dreamy song bursting wide open making way for the chorus. Stripped of complexity and high production levels, The Beths successfully managed to keep the grit without sounding unpleasant. Stokes’ lyrics are simple yet feel genuinely authentic and personal throughout.

A beloved live act in their hometown, the band have had the opportunity to support bands such as The Kills and Frankie Cosmos. Fans around the world got to hear their songs this summer as The Beths toured Europe, United States and UK for the first time. Wrapping up their summer tour of New Zealand at the end of September, they are set to return to the UK this autumn for a short stint of live shows.

By Jonathan Simpson

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