RIP Mac Miller – Music Editors Tribute

I can’t believe I’m even having to write this! Nothing ever prepares you for losing people who mean a lot to you. Yes Mac Miller was a celebrity and no I didn’t know him personally, but his music touched me.

I’ve been listening to Malcom since I was in secondary school. Most people I know grew up listening to his music. You never know how you’ll feel when someone dies but this has hit me harder than I ever expected. It was only the other day I was bumping his latest album Swimming. My favourite songs have to be 2009, self care, and rain. There’s so many I could mention but they’re the ones that are on repeat at the moment.

Of course all the status’ have come with people pretending they care about Mental Health and Addiction. No you don’t care! These are the same people who don’t check up on their friend and cut them out of their lives because they’re seen as ‘difficult.’ People have so much to say about people who have addictions or are depressed but do you even know what it’s like? To want to die everyday…having to turn to substances or alcohol to even get through the day? I do. I still do.

Malcom said he was struggling openly on multiple occasions and yet no one helped him! Mental health services are a load of shit as well, they don’t care and they don’t take people seriously.

Oh and for all you people trying to make this about Ariana Grande, you all need to get a grip. She tried her best to support him and prayed for him daily. She did what she could. No one should stay in a relationship that’s jeopardising their mental health, sanity and happiness.

Let’s remember Malcom how he was, keep listening to his music and remember the times he was happy.

RIP Mac Miller 💔🖤

By Destiny Crawford-Corri ~ Music Editor

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