Clean Cut Kid

Clean Cut Kid are an infectious indie pop band from Liverpool. They formed in 2012 and consist of Mike Halls (lead vocals/guitar), Evelyn Halls (backing vocals/keys) and Ross Higginson (drums). They were a quartet until late last year when bassist, Saul Godman, decided to part ways with the band.

Their debut single ‘Vitamin C was released in July 2015 and since then Clean Cut Kid have done a ridiculous amount of touring (they managed to play 91 shows and 31 festivals in 2016 alone!) and their brilliant debut album ‘Felt was released in May 2017. They were signed to major record label Polydor in 2015 but it was announced in October last year that the band would be leaving the label for their next endeavour to fulfil their desire of being more independent and having more creative freedom.

Their music is refreshing, uplifting indie pop, simple as that. It makes you feel good and lets you have a dance… what more could you ask for? Their sound definitely fits in well with other indie bands but certainly doesn’t just blend in with the crowd; they really are a special band.

Catch the wonderful Clean Cut Kid on tour this November!

By Thalia Traynor

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