“I Want My Shade” – Pheora Rucci The New Brand That Demands Inclusivity


I was excited to attend the Pheora Rucci Kickstarter event to learn the behind-the-scenes process of starting and launching your own business in the beauty industry. Twama Nambili who studied International Business Management and Cooperate Government at Burbank University has been working on this brand for the past 9 months pairing her love for beauty and business together.  Her brand objective is to “create innovative products that meet and surpass current market trends for all skin tones.” The brand is planning a full product launch November next year online with its future goal to be in retail stores.


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Pheora Rucci is releasing an impressive 60 shades of foundation for all skin types. The slogan for their campaign is “I want my shade” a strong message showcasing the brand’s need for inclusivity in their products, whilst still challenging the current beauty climate that fails to cater to those with deeper skin tones. It has been described by Twama as having a “creamy texture” with the use of “natural oils.” Even though it’s not oil free, the foundation’s still said to be balanced enough with other ingredients to cater to those with oily skin.

Eyeshadow Palette

Inspired by the Namibian desert where Twama originates from, Pheora Rucci has created an 18-pan eyeshadow palette. The eyeshadows will reflect the diversity of colours found throughout the desert, from the blue oasis to the warm brown shades of the sand. Looking at the palette, I couldn’t help but get Huda Beauty ‘Desert Dusk’ vibes, whilst keeping its own unique quality.

Namib Desert Palette


Liquid Lipsticks

Pheora Rucci is creating 12 shades of semi-matte liquid lipsticks that work for all skin tones. Personally, I prefer a semi-matte finish as I find it to be a lot more wearable and less drying on the lips, but for those of you who like a true matte this might not be you. I think 12 shades of lipstick is a great starting point and hopefully more will be released as the brand develops.


20 different styles of fake eyelashes will be produced including eyelashes that are made from mink and sourced from China. Now, Twama did say that the brand was cruelty free (not vegan) and she had checked with the factory producing the eyelashes that this was the case. However, as it still derived from animals I think it has to be a personal choice as to whether you consider this to be cruelty free or not. The rest of her products are being manufactured in Italy

Final Thoughts

The motivation behind the brand is innovative with a nod to Twama’s origins and the promotion of inclusivity through releasing a shade range we haven’t seen another makeup brand do before. Although everything sounded good in theory I thought the execution of the event could have been better. As a Kickstarter launch, they didn’t have any physical products there to try. It was hard to rely purely on the images shown to get an essence of the brand. They have been tried and tested by Twama, so it would have been great to see one or two samples to get a feel for textures and pigmentation. It also wasn’t clear what the pricing of the products would be – they have described themselves as a “luxury brand” which leads me to believe the pricing might be slightly higher, but I can’t say for sure. When the launch approaches, I will be able to give a candid review of the products and hope these uncertainties will be made clear.


Foundation bottle with Palette



Link to Pheora Rucci‘s campaign videohttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ow1lPfmLOOU

Words by Lily Hollingworth- Beauty Contributor at Ragged CULT Magazine




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