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Lucy Osborne is a Fashion Design student and Founder/Owner/ Designer independent brand- Devils Car Crash. Recently completing a two year course at Liverpool’s Rare School of Fashion, Osborne is set to attend London College of Fashion. I’ve had the pleasure of going to college with her for the last year, and have seen her amazing illustrations and artwork be brought to life through film, photography, customisation and original designs.


Her main focus  is working on her art and fashion, however over the last few months she has been working incredibly hard on launching her label. Devils Car Crash was designed originally as a college project, but has developed into a small, free standing, brand -which is very cool. The pieces on sale now are illustrations of hers printed onto hoodies, crop tops, t-shirts and tote bags. She is currently only selling a few sample pieces.


Osbourne describes herself as a designer who represents all kinds of things – her repertoire is womenswear and sometimes aims for designs that sell as fast fashion. She believes it’s quintessential to give her pieces a voice, giving each design a purpose and deeper meaning by developing them from controversial issues like feminism and mental health.


~The Interview~


It’s evident that you love the whole streetwear aesthetic and have displayed that through your designs and the way you style yourself; how exactly did you get into this way of dressing? What attracted you to the look?

Originally I wasn’t interested in streetwear. I thought it was funny how people would get gassed over the simplest pieces, but then I joined a group called The Basement and since, I have just built up an aesthetic within the streetwear community and developed an understanding for the style.


peep design


Your illustrations and clothing style give me some definite Lazy Oaf/Omighty vibes, would you say that these brands imspire you? Who else do you take inspiration from?

Lazy Oaf has always been an inspiring brand to me because it’s so funky! I also like Monki, but get most of my outfit inspiration from Instagram and other forms of social media. Sometimes I find inspiration from my friends and what they wear too.


I know that, as well as wanting to create trendy streetwear pieces, you also promote ideas about feminism and your own mental health through your work. Do you think it is important to discuss sensitive topics like these in fashion?

I think within fashion it’s extremely important to be vocal about mental health and feminism so much, because they’re topics that are often influenced by fashion. I struggle with my own mental health issues so try to be vocal about them through my design work as I find it easier to do it that way than to actually talk to other people about my problems. I say to people that my art has a voice.


I also know that you were recently accepted into London College of Fashion, and I do think your designs will fit well with the overall look of what LCF graduates produce. Was this why this uni appealed to you?

LCF was so appealing to me because it’s in London, the heart of the fashion industry. It has unbelievable industry links and has such a good rep as a uni so will allow me to grow and be successful within my own design work.




As I have been involved in your shoots, I’ve noticed that you have a definitive talent for photography & videography – is this something you’d like to focus on more in university?

I’m not sure I would focus on my photography and videography more, but I would do it as a hobby. When I’m in uni I want the design work to be my main focus, but I do enjoy filming and taking photos.


Devil’s Car Crash’ started out as a college project, but it has been so influencial to see you promoting it as a real brand and selling samples online. Were you apprehensive to put yourself out there as a designer since you are young and still studying?

I was nervous to put myself out there, because it’s such a competitive industry, but you’re only this young once and you can only do your best and trust in the processes.


Being young isn’t the only thing that can hold a designer back in this industry, it is a scary business and being a woman especially can also bring many challenges your way – how have you tried to combat being disheartened by negativity in the industry?

I honestly ignore it. Focusing on the negatives distracts from the reason I’m in this industry. I try my hardest to better myself and focus on my goals: positive vibes only.




Of course it’s not all doom and gloom! There are thousands of designers who promote love and empowerment, who, would you say, is your favourite feminist artist/designer and why?

My favourite feminist designer would probably be Vivienne Westwood, because she has such a punk rock attitude, but also focuses on things that are important.


As I spent the last year working with you in college, I have seen first-hand just how brilliant you are at getting work done and generally having your shit together, even with a broken leg! I’ve seen you absolutely snowed under with work but you still manage to pull it out the bag and produce incredible stuff – how do you manage to remain so calm and work so efficiently?

I used to really struggle to keep on top of my work, but then I realised I have to utilise my time. I have to remember why I’m doing what I’m doing and that in the end everything will be worth the hard work and effort. Yes there have been times where I have literally sat, stared at my work, and cried because it felt so overwhelming, but if you keep your goals in mind and remind yourself to stay calm and just do whatever you can in your time, you’ll be fine. You have to trust in yourself and you’ll be okay!


♦I think it’s obvious from the standard of her beautiful work that Lucy is definitely one to watch. She sets a great example for young people in all creative fields, and I am personally so inspired by her work ethic and original ideas. Keep an eye out for her dominating the fashion world of the future!!!♦





Words By Thalia Traynor- Fashion Contributor at Ragged CULT Magazine




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