Introduction To Illamasqua

Without a doubt we all have those things that resonate so much in us. Whether it’s a song, a book, a poem, a piece of clothing or just food itself. It’s the thing that you look at and see your name written all over it; it’s as if it’s been custom made for you. That specific thing for me is Illamasqua.

What is illamasqua?

Illamasqua is the denotation of makeup. It’s the brand that completely revolutionised the makeup game, with the drive and desire to self-express and show the world that they’re not ordinary but phenomenal. This brand recognized that the market was missing quality, colour, pigment and range, and only after two years of research and development they launched in November 2008. Illamasqua (a combination of ‘Illusion’ and ‘Masquerade’) is the innovation of Julian Kynaston who without any previous experience in the industry decided to take a leap, launching this brand mirroring his infatuation for all things subcultural.


Why Illamasqua?

Illamasqua is a brand like no other. It’s a brand that addressed the vacant areas in the market and adequately filled them. Reproducing this playful, theatrical streak that we’ve been missing in the industry, with the sentiment “makeup is your alter ego” .As a makeup lover, I feel there is so much depth and meaning to this motto. An alter ego is a person’s secondary or alternative personality, makeup obviously isn’t a personality, so this emblem is so thought-provoking as it gives makeup, life and substance (which I love). The fact is- makeup is a very powerful tool. You can use it to completely reconstruct your outward appearance. You could be anything from a skeleton to a potato, and the idea of makeup being an alter ego is the idea that it causes a change in your character or your countenance, together with the idea that this can come and go.

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For the longest time I’ve been a strong believer in being yourself and surpassing limitations, so when I came across Illamasqua– a brand that lives beyond the mainstreams limitations I instantly became obsessed. They boldly entered the makeup game as a new medium of self-expression bringing something ingenious, something that can be used by beginners to beauty gurus. They’ve created a medium that is easily adaptable and accessible to those who need something quick and easy to those that live for the idea of makeup.

Words by Angel Cleo

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