Influential Grime Artist – Stormzy To Give Young Writers Irreplaceable Opportunities

The South London-born rapper has partnered with Penguin Random House (Penguin Books) to launch a new publishing imprint platform- Merky Books, allowing young creatives from under-privileged backgrounds to showcase their work. In an Instagram post Stormzy expressed how much this project means to him, mentioning that “reading and writing as a kid was integral to where [he] is today.”  Merky Books will be offering school competitions and entries/submission as well as paid internships as from next year. This is what more black musicians and artists in high-power positions should be doing! Giving back to our community. And just when I was starting to lose hope, Stormzy swoops right in and reinstalls it. He may actually be a role model for our youth, and the key for us moving forward as a minority. Merky Books launches with his first title- “Rise Up: The Merky Journey So Far“, releasing on 1st November and available to pre-order now.


Merky Books is not currently accepting unsolicited submissions.


For details on how to apply for the paid internship, see link



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