The Darts (US) ~ Subsonic Dream b/w Bullet

I always find with bands/artists that I don’t know anything about or haven’t heard their music that your reviews are way more accurate haha. So I hadn’t previously heard of The Darts US but our founder, Chenaii is a huge fan and familiar with their music. I’m always open minded so will give anything a listen at least once; I actually really like this band and can’t wait to see them live.

The Darts US are an all girl garage-psychotic rock band who are from both LA and Phoenix. The bands made up of Nicole (lead vocals & organ), Michelle (vocals & guitar), Christina (vocals & bass) and Rikki (vocals & drums). Having formed the band in early 2016 they were picked up by Dirty Water Records after their second ever gig! How amazing is that? They’ve gone from strength to strength and are surely gonna take over the world soon.

Dirty Water Records USA teamed up with Alternative Tentacles Records to bring us Subsonic Dream b/w Bullet. ‘Subsonic Dream‘ is on the first side of the single and Michelle takes lead vocals on this track. It’s a very guitar and drum heavy song; it’s got some serious grit to it.

Bullet‘ is the second single and it’s my favourite to be honest. This song is similar in sound to those on their previous album ‘ME.OW‘ but with a little extra oomph. The guitars mixed with the organ give it a grungey, garage rock sound that you can’t help but nod your head to. The main lyric that stands out to me is ‘You’ve got a tongue like a bullet, you’ve got a mouth like a gun‘ which is a part of the chorus and I think it’s an ace similie; in fact the whole chorus is made up of similies. Not to mention it’s catchy as f**k.

I’m definitely looking forward to hearing their upcoming album; keep your eyes peeled for new music. Also make sure you get tickets to come and see them play Nambucca June 26th as that will be their only U.K. appearance this year.!/The-Darts-The-Cavemen/c/28967006/offset=0&sort=normal

By Destiny Crawford-Corri ~ Music Editor

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