Starcrawler live @ The Garage

All Photos are owned by Brian Usher

New young LA band Starcrawler played The Garage in Islington, on Thursday night. One of the best turn outs there for ages, according to staff. Six foot two inch and extremely slender singer Arrow De Wilde, who has undeniably captivating stage presence, strutted out in a pale pink corset and suspenders, fingerless studded elbow length gloves and a single studded stocking and then, proceeded to do an impressive, and slow backward bend, eyeing the crowd. The band’s 45 minute set, essentially the songs from their Ryan Adams produced debut album, the self titled ‘Starcrawler,’ was electric from the beginning, and ended in a frenzy of stage diving and a stupendous guitar solo, by 17 year old Henri Cash, who entered the hot sweaty mosh pit to do so.

Their music, categorised as glam rock punk, has been likened to the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, T.Rex, The Stooges, and Black Sabbath; throughout the gig you could hear these influences. Their song ‘Chicken Woman‘ particularly has a Black Sabbath feel to it. ‘Ants‘ their debut single, made the crowd go wild. Especially the shirtless young guys, swirling around pushing each other. I heard an older guy say he thought they were the new Stooges. ‘I love LA‘ their second single from the album, generated more dancing and pushing.

The energy at this gig was impressive. There was no fake blood spitting from Arrow this time round (one of her usual stage antics) just plenty of attitude, kicking the odd camera lens and stage diving. Every member of this cool looking band, were exceptional. They are definitely worth seeing live.

Starcrawler you were brilliant.

By Anji Richards

Photos courtesy of Brian Usher

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