6LACK ~ Switch

I mean is there a 6LACK aka Bear song that isn’t good? Nope…the answer is no! Bear’s gone and done it again. He’s hyped it up for a few days now and ‘Switch‘ is available now everywhere.

Switch‘ is about the pressures of a relationship particularly in the public eye. The concept is a relationship where one of them is famous and for them to switch places so the everyday ordinary girl can see what its like. It also highlights the struggles of trust and infidelity. I love how Bear’s got an ability to always make a catchy song but also talk about issues that have substance to them. I’ve also noticed he creates songs where not only is the chorus catchy but the verse and the bridge is as well.

There’s a few standout, favourite lyrics for me: ‘It’s funny when they switch and pick a side‘ (This happens a lot in relationships especially from unknown people or friends), ‘Ain’t nobody gotta go through what I’m going through, no But it seems like they all know what I’m supposed to do so‘ (Very relatable line as a lot of people don’t know or haven’t experienced what someone else is going through but always think they know what someone else should do about their problem lol) and ‘If I give you my heart, will you hold it? Will you put it in a safe, or will you fold it?‘ (I think this is a great use of a metaphor).

This song actually reminds me of a Frank Ocean type song. I think 6LACK is going to go far in this industry and I look forward to vibing to more of his music.


By Destiny Crawford-Corri ~ Music Editor

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