The Power Of Makeup

You may have read the title and thought, I’ve read and seen this all before, well you’re not entirely wrong but in this article, I talk about the appeal of dark sultry makeup and what it does for us and how it transforms our aura.

Why do women wear makeup?

Smearing on powder or some lipstick doesn’t just amplify how pleased a woman can feel about her countenance. Wearing makeup can somewhat modify other people’s discernment of a women’s personality. Many would say it’s our armour, many would say we wear it to make us feel more confident and others would say it’s because they enjoy the art, like me. As a woman I feel as though makeup gives me power ultimately, when it comes to going and facing the world no one can really see what’s going on behind this veil. Just like Cleopatra. She used makeup as a source of power, transforming herself day to day causing men like Julius Caesar and Mark Antony to bow at her feet, ceaselessly dazed at her quality of being powerfully and mysteriously attractive giving her the power to manipulate and get what she wanted out of it. Aha, I know this sounds quite corrupt of me to say but in a way, it’s quite empowering. Oops. “From Cleopatra we learn that it is not beauty that makes a Siren but rather a theatrical streak that allows a woman to embody a man’s fantasies.”- 48 Laws of Power




What can makeup do?

Makeup can make a difference in perceived physical attractiveness making you more approachable. When it comes to using different colours, (as you probably already know) they evoke different emotions; yellow makes you energised and focused whereas dark, serious colours like black make you feel powerful and confident. So when it comes to us women wearing dark sultry makeup, we feel power, we evoke a sense of mystery which is thoroughly appealing to the opposite sex (or same). We are sensual and sentient beings so what do we expect? Am I right?


Mystery and Dark Sultry Makeup

Whilst writing this article I got reminded of the book I read in my GCSE’s “Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde” and the whole idea of us as humans having a dual nature. I’m not going to go into depth but it’s the idea of having two sides, a good side and an evil side and how the dark side of us is more appealing than the good side. The mystery of the unknown becomes exciting and you really want to know more. In my mind this relates to mystery and dark sultry makeup because when a woman wears dark sultry makeup, the colours suggest her aura and what kind of message she is attempting to make known. These tend to be sombre colours like black, deep brown or grey and they’re related to ambiguity and fear.


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Mystery is something women yearn to have, we want people to lean in, wonder and ponder “what’s going on behind those eyes?”. It’s alluring, appealing and hypnotising. It gives depth and meaning, that lack of understanding makes you more interesting. So, when it comes to wearing mysterious makeup it introduces another side of you without giving too much away as makeup modifies other people’s discernment of a women’s personality (as I said earlier in the article). Therefore a woman instantaneously looks more intriguing, and the things she says and does inherently holds more value. To conclude, make up is a powerful tool, it fools, it manipulates and it transforms. Girls this is our weapon as women, don’t misuse it! And after reading this article, why would you as a woman want your makeup to look mysterious?


Words by Angel Cleo


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