Dr Martens Collab With Iconic Bands – Joy Division/New Order

Dr Martens have done it again. Another collab, another mind-blowing collection. But this time it’s not your usual DMs x [Insert] Trendy Clothing Brand. It’s only with the most legendary British New Wave band- Joy Division reformed as New Order!


With a limited selection of tees and boots, you can note bold shades contrasted with intricately printed album cover art, and smokey hues behind vibrant sensual roses. My favourite item from this collection is the 1460 Unknown Pleasures Boots. Against a sharp leather material lays embossed waves mirroring the sound waves from their 1979 cover art, adding a real sense of vehement and crudeness to this statement piece.


I can anticipate that this collection will be particularly be popular amongst the fluorescent mass of art students, as well as the older generation reminiscing their youth.


This collaboration is currently available on Dr Martens UK and International Sites



Words by My Superiority Complex


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