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K.A.A.N aka Knowledge Above All Nonsense aka Brandon Perry is a US based hip hop rapper and lyricist. Located in Maryland, his music career emerged in 2016 . Produced by the likes of ORBT and Cashflow, K.A.A.N has 2 albums- ‘Paradise/Lost‘ and ‘The Black Blood‘ LP and 2 EPs- ‘Unknown Knowledge‘ and ‘Abstractions.’ K.A.A.N‘s style of rapping has been compared to the likes of Kendrick Lamar and Logic.

I first came across this up-and-coming artist back in… hmm 2017 I think? The song that introduced me to him was ‘Chop Suey‘ from his The Black Blood LP. With the hook “Smoking the day away, Chinky eye in my dojo, hey” running in the background, you can see why I would be attracted to it. It just screams drives through suburbs mixed with a chilled youthful vibe – well at least to me it does. My other personal favourites are “Why Are U” also from his Black Blood album, “Water“, “Phoenix“, “Needs/Wants“, and most recent track- “Hypnosis.”


K.A.A.N‘s music is what I like to put in the ‘intelligent rap‘ category. The depth to his lyrics behind the speedy bars are much more than just banging hoes and flaunting golds which you receive from your everyday rapper. His music also comes with this kind of unwitting sense of irony and humour. And if the “Both of your mom’s waiting for me when I get home, beating up those cheeks, boi” statement at the end of Need/Wants is anything to go by, then yeah, he sure got the humour.

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