Lily Allen ~ No Shame

I’m so excited…Lily Allen is well and truly back! She’s finally released an album, ‘No Shame,’ after being away for so long. She’s been working on this album since 2015 and boy she hasn’t disappointed.

Lily bares all with this album, it’s very honest and almost a memoir of her life in the spotlight. She sings about everything from battling addiction to her divorce and depression over 14 tracks.

The album starts off to a strong start with one of my top three songs, ‘Come on then.’ It’s about the judgement she faced from people and fake friends; she snaps at them ‘If you go on record saying that you know me, then why am I so lonely? Cos nobody fucking phones me.’ This is the ultimate fake friend takedown song.

Having already released ‘Trigger Bang,’ after someone had maliciously leaked it online before she was ready to put it out, I already know this song was a hit. Everyone was raving about it for weeks. This song features grime artist Giggs and tbh I love this song. It’s a very realistic look into her life and the struggle with addiction and the partying lifestyle; maybe I love it because it reminds me of my rave days aha.

Apples‘ is a beautifully written, angelic song which she clearly is singing about her divorce and compares it to that of her parents; ‘I guess the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree‘ she belts out. This is probably my favourite song on the album, choosing it to be an acoustic song was a great choice.

Lily cleverly writes song ‘Three‘ from the perspective from her daughter and I have to say it did make me a bit teary eyes. It’s an insight into having a working mum. I’m glad she included this song as people often forget the effects it would have on children. It’s such a simplistic composition but it works so well.

I could go on for ages but then that would spoil the whole album for you. We may have had to wait for three years for this album but it’s such a masterpiece you can see she wanted to get it just right before putting it out there. Thank you Lily for sharing your personal life with the world and blessing us with more iconic music. It really does take a special kind of artist to tap into so many emotions throughout the album. A mixture of feeling alone and vulnerable as well as strong and empowered. This is going to be an album we talk about for years.

By Destiny Crawford-Corri ~ Music Editor

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