Daniel Ness + Kim Kate release new song Geysir

There is a revolution going on in London. Its not on the streets, as reported, but in bedroom studios and lo-fi set ups. Merci Jitter, amongst others, are at the forefront of this. On their new mixtape ‘Merci Jitter, 2018’, the label does what it does best. Showcasing the best underground talent right up in your face. Standout track ‘Geysir’ features Daniel Ness, Kim Kate and Moldy trading rhymes over wonky melodies, skittering beats and deep bass. The bass, oh the bass…

This is mixtape is full of forward thinking future bass, post-modern grime and urban dancehall. As the bass drops shudder around you, you are thankful you don’t have to experience this live, but part of you can’t wait for that onslaught.


By Nick Roseblade

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