Preview ~ One Dance Festival 2018

Garage Nation Presents – One Dance Outdoor Festival

Sunday 22nd July 2018

Streatham Common, London


One Dance Festival returns to Streatham Common to bring to you the best of UK Garage, House, Drum n Bass, Old Skool and Grime across four huge stages. One Dance is one of the only London based festivals to have an only dance music based lineup. Having sold out every year its been on, you know it’s going to be one not to missed so make sure you get your tickets.

I’ve been to One Dance and I can honestly say it was my favourite London festival by far. They always have: a range of food stalls catering to everyones needs, merch stalls, a few bars stocking affordable drinks, rides (if you can tear yourself away from the music) and plenty of security and first aid.

Main Stage Hosted by Garage Nation

  • DJ Luck & MC Neat
  • Artful Dodger
  • Oxide & Neutrino
  • Pied Piper
  • Scott Garcia
  • DJ Cartier
    + loads more to be announced!

Drum & Bass Arena Hosted by One AwayLogan D

  • Turno (Team Drumz set)
  • G Dub
  • Phantasy
  • Annix
  • Grooverider
  • Majistrate
  • Nu Elementz (TNA set)
  • Hizzleguy
  • Blackley
  • K Motionz
  • Cotesy
  • A Plus aka Arron Crascall
  • Eksman
  • Evil B
  • Skibadee
  • IC3
  • Azza & Grima (TNA set)
  • Fatman D
  • Ragga Twins
  • Fearless
  • DR EPS (Team Drumz set)
  • Phantom
  • Miss melody
  • AC MC
  • MC CD


House Arena Hosted by The Asylum

  • David Zowie
  • Shenin Amara & AR
  • Sam Supplier
  • Majesty
  • DJ S
  • Sammy Porter
  • Steven Cee
  • Jack Dee
  • Francis
  • Jerome Six
  • Fabio Luis
  • Hitty


Old Skool Arena Hosted by Old Skool Heaven / Proper Old Skool / Strictly Old Skool

  • Ratpack
  • Nicky Blackmarket
  • Slipmatt
  • Philgood & Ram
  • Huck Finn
  • MC CKP
  • MC Wicked
  • DJ Kanga
  • Nico Da Funksta
  • DJ Lust
  • Josh Watts
  • Devious Dave
  • Strictly Old Skool Artists:
  • G Smallz
  • Chukster & Stylez J
  • KC
  • Tricks Inda Mix
  • DQ
  • Babycham
  • Bubbes
  • Darky


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Photography by Larry J Dot Photography

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