Find Your Passion; How I found My Inspiration

Have you ever stopped to think what your passion is in life? No, really. Have you ever, at some point in the day, switched off whatever device you’re procrastinating on and taken some time to wonder: what do I strive inwhat drives me through life? Well, you might not have it figured out yet – but proudly, I can say that I have! And what is my passion exactly? The answer is: many things. The performing arts, English literature/language, religious studies, fine arts…I have to admit the list does go on. But in regards to what I would like to do in the future and for the rest of my life, it is clear that performing arts would be at the top of my list – particularly dance.


Health fanatics claim that dance – and any other type of physical activity – is great for the mind, body, and soul. Not only do you feel fit on the outside, but rejuvenated and fresh from within, as the timely saying goes, “A healthy body leads to a healthy mind”. As a 17yr old, who suffered from mild depression during my early years of teenagehood, I support that statement 100%, because since studying GCSE – and now currently A-Level dance, I have felt like an entirely different person. I am happy almost all of the time. I am not moody, distant, paranoid, or constantly blaming myself for natural shortcomings. I am optimistic and ready for the day. But most importantly, I am following my dream (to become a dance choreographer and performer), whilst at the same time living a healthy lifestyle. It’s essentially killing two birds with one stone! (Yes, I know, I’m a vegan too; it’s only a euphemism.)




On top of the added bonus of having a longer life expectancy, both mentally and physically (hey, who doesn’t want to live longer?), dance allows one to express themselves through means that one might find hard to express verbally. Dance tells a story, that otherwise might have never been heard. I am not one to talk freely about my own psychological experiences, but from the second I perform it is as though I am releasing all the tension built up inside.


Now, I am not suggesting that you jump off your sofa and start hitting the club floor-don’t worry. But I am reminding you that whatever your passion is, follow it down the road best suited to your personality. Take it from me, a 17yr old who’s already performed on stage at Disneyland Paris, worked with choreographers in well-known street crews such as Boy Blue and IMD Legion, and who dreams of one day being recognised for my talents in musical theatre. I encourage you to find a hobby that relieves you of your stress, even if it’s only for a few minutes! ‘Cause one day, slowly but surely, you will thank yourself for bobbing your head to the beat when everyone else was sitting still, or solving that online maths problem that Youtubers claim was impossible to understand, or taking a picture of something so beautiful that you felt the need to capture it. The sky isn’t the limit, you are.


Words by Ruby Mendoza-Willcocks



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