Luke Storey ~ Tears in Rain

Anyone who knows Luke Storey will know him from being Professor Green’s DJ for years now as well as modelling. So it’s not surprising that he’s now entered into songwriting and released his own song ‘Tears in Rain.’

Now he’s released his first song I’m like “wow could he not have started releasing music sooner?!” But I’m happy he has now. The tone of his voice is perfect for these types of chill, lyrical rap songs; he chose the perfect beat which accompanies his lyrics so well. The song itself is a personal story of what he’s been through in two particular relationships and the effects it had/still has on him. You can hear the raw pain and hurt in his voice as he raps which gives you a connection with him. He also talks about the struggle of addiction and beating it as well as the effects the situation had on his body.

This song will be relatable to a lot of people as everyone has had their heartbroken at some point and will sympathise. It’s also a really catchy song as well. I think this is the beginning of a new career path for Luke and I hope he does pursue this further and continues to make music.

By Destiny Crawford-Corri

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