Gothic Lamb- Introducing an Urban Alternative Black Owned Business

I first came across this brand via Brazilian Youtuber- Julia Zelg. When I was still partially interested in Pastel Goth, I pretty much religiously watched her videos. I could relate to her on so many levels, ’cause like me back then, she was 50% graveyard Goth, and 50% pastel unicorns. I recall watching one of her lookbooks where she did feature Gothic Lamb, but in all honesty,  I never really engaged with the brand….Well up until a couple of months ago when AfroPunk happened to mention that they were black owned! My assumption was that they were white owned like most other alternative brands are- my apologies.

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Entering the website, the background draws you in you straight away. Behind the home page lays a girl with platinum hair and smokey makeup. She’s got her arm raised, coated in a sleeve of tattoos with what could be a plain jane on the end of it. She’s modelling a black tee with the prominent lettering “teenage witch” on it. Ironically, she is like a mixture of Sabrina the Teenage Witch and Sleeping Beauty. Scrolling down further,  you are hit again- this time with an array of black females wearing similar graphic tees to the preceding model.




Skimming over their range, a couple of raw hem graphic crops and a satirical “Make America Goth Again” dad cap caught my eye. Personally, I don’t think this brand would go hand in hand with my own style. Maybe it’s because I’m not a big graphic fan or ’cause I’m more urban that alternative these days. To be fair though, I can most definitely see a market out there for their apparel. I know what they’re trying to do- it’s like a concoction of Nu & Pastel Goth with urban streetwear elements. Not the cheapest brand, probably on the slightly pricier side but is still affordable for most. I will compliment them though on their black and white Instagram feed, and their bio “Depressed, Stressed & Black Obsessed“- is this me or is this me?…They may not particularly be down my street but you gotta hold your hands up to one of the first (at least that I know of) alternative black owned businesses.

Words by My Superiority Complex


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