YOU Could Be Featured In JD’s Up-&-Coming Campaign

JD‘s now offering an opportunity for you- yes you, to feature in their up-and-coming promotional campaign. Using the tag #IamJD, this multinational sports retailer is seeking young and fresh new creatives to be the next face of JD. With the only requirement being that you are 16-24 and have some sort of talent or “skills“- as they worded it, JD really have redeemed themselves since the “Crackhouse” incident last month. There’s options for you to enter as either a: model, dancer, singer, rapper, musician, DJ, presenter, photographer, artist or basically– whatever the hell you want to. It looks like more of those in power are starting to open their doors to the people next door, and pave the future for the current youth of today.



This is open to the UK only

To admit your entry or vote, download the JD app, see link below; 



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