Space Grunge- You WHAT?

So what’s all this ‘Space Grunge‘ about then? Space grunge is in essence an amalgamation of flamboyant modern and OG 90s trends with a galactic based theme. Basically, think modern acid house. Originating in the early 2010s, Space Grunge was at it’s peak during 2013-2016. Whilst still having a presence within the alternative community to this day, as Tumblr dies…so does this trend. With its heavy ‘aesthetic’ objective, you can note key  features of this style including; hololgraphic accents, pastel & bold coloured furs, tie dye graphics and the running alien theme- hence the name.


Despite holding many similarities, Space Grunge does indeed vary slightly from Cyber Grunge and Sea Punk. Whilst Cyber Grunge is holographic based, Space Grunge isn’t. Yeah you’ll see loads of Space Grunge babes sporting holo, but it’s not its foundation. Yeah, you’re probs rolling your eyes by now…I am too. The use of ‘Grunge‘ gets thrown around so much is has 100% lost its real meaning. But to be fair, if you dig beyond the surface, you can see influences from authentic 90s grunge fashion as well as rave culture.


Photo creds @lexxcoup

Space Grunge may not be for everyone- defo if you’re not prepared to get some looks on the street….But you gotta take your hats off to people who do rock it. It ain’t easy! Not only are many of the items they wear inconvenient for everyday life, it’s just effort making such an effort everyday.


♥Here’s my selection of Space Grunge inspired clothing stores/brands

Kokopie Coco




Club Exx 


Motel Rocks 


 Lunar Threadz 

Sugar Thrillz


Alien Outfitters 

Screen Shot 2018-05-16 at 01.01.59

Remember- this is my perception of what Space Grunge is. This is by no far the only definition of the style. Everyone has their own version of Space Grunge means to them and will dress accordingly.

Words by My Superiority Complex

♣Find more space grunge inspo here-

Photo creds @fatangryblackgirl
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