Bexey ~ Villain Tears

Bexey has been releasing music regularly since the end of 2017 and it’s always been hit and miss with me; ‘Letter to Peep‘ and ‘Stay Alive‘ featuring Fat Nick have been my personal favourites. So when I was scrolling through Soundcloud and saw he’d put out a new song, I was interested to see whether I’d like it.

Villain Tears‘ for me seems slightly different from his previous songs. A lot of his songs are full of distorted voices however, in this song he’s kept that signature style but mixed up with singing/rap in his normal voice. The beat -which is produced by stereoRYZE– is mixed well and goes perfectly with the song. It has potential if enough potential is drummed up to make it into the mainstream charts.

All of Bexey’s songs have substance and meaning to them so the fact this song does too doesn’t surprise me. It’s also a song that’ll resonate with a lot of people as it’s about depression and the effects of it and how it effects a relationship. The chorus is so catchy and this one line resonated so much with me: “But if I tell you how I feel I know you’ll run away, everyone the fucking same, I’m back on my own again.” This is exactly how I feel struggling with mental health problems and I know a lot of people feel the same. I also love the fact that ‘Villain Tears‘ starts with a chorus which isn’t the typical structure of most songs and is probably what makes it so catchy.

Minus the creepy AF artwork where he looks possessed, which I am not digging but can understand the concept, this is by far his best song yet and he’s really excelled here. I hope he sticks to this type of style because he will blow up and get more recognition.

By Destiny Crawford-Corri

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