Twitter Scandals

It seems recently there’s been an uprising in twitter scandals over the past year particularly, although I’m sure they been happening for a while now. Old tweets from famous people are resurfacing where they’re offending people from years and years ago.

I’ve had twitter since around 2011 and if people were to look through my twitter they wouldn’t find anything homophobic or racial there. So is it okay that famous people have tweeted offensive tweets in the past and now most are apologising?

Yesterday it came out that Maya Jama had tweeted back in 2012, “Dark B*****s shaving their head expecting to look like Amber Rose, when they really end up looking like Michael Jordan loooooool.” For me this tweet is unacceptable and that reinforces the stereotype that light skinned/mixed race girls are better than dark skinned girls. How awful is that? I’m not dark skinned but I’m not light skinned and reading that has made me sad as I thought she’d have known better. She has made a public apology which I think was genuine but why did she say it in the first place? What makes it even worse is that her boyfriend, Stormzy, has decided to deactivate his twitter after seeing the uproar. Is he hiding something? Or is he genuinely embarrassed and doesn’t want to be bombarded with hate?

Speaking of Stormzy, he has also had to apologise recently after tweets surfaced from between 2011-2014 where he repeatedly used the word ‘faggot.’ Amongst numerous other uses of the word, he called a gay character on Eastenders a “fucking fag,” asked a Twitter user who was discussing hair straighteners and curling tongs “are you a fag?,” and told his followers: “Put on bbc1 this little black boy is a fucking fag.” He also described various people and things as “proper gay.”

Then we have Stefflon Don who denied denied denied even saying what she said even though her tweets were screenshot for everyone to see. “All you dark skinned hating on light skinned b*****s don’t act like if God gave you a choice you wouldn’t change your skin colour.” She denied these tweets giving excuses that she’s half black, she’s always posting about dark skinned girls and that her friends are dark skinned… and your point is? You still said it. Again this is another tweet degrading dark skinned girls making them feel insecure for being the shade they are.

I’m sure there’s been other instances but these are just a handful I’ve picked out. I’m very disappointed as I liked all of these people who have made offensive comments. Personally I don’t think there’s any excuse that would justify them saying what they’ve said. As much as I like them, I do think there needs to be repercussions. If I had the choice they’d get their precious blue ticks taken away, they wouldn’t be performing or getting booked for any shows and would be put on a Twitter ban. Yes you can say sorry, but are you genuinely sorry? Or just sorry you got caught out?

By Destiny Crawford-Corri

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