whoissmink ~ People You Love

This is very different from what I’ve heard so far from whoissmink. I do love his music but for some reason this song has connected with me on a level. The structure of the song is interesting as the introduction and outro is just instrumental but they are prolonged longer than most other songs intros and outros. This beat was produced by Gryfon.

In the intro you can hear acoustic guitar, strings/harp solo which I love and know those beats/samples are hard to come by. When his vocals do come in they are almost whispers and builds up to the verse. I don’t think there’s a ‘normal’ structure to the song as there isn’t a clear chorus it seems like one verse which works perfectly and isn’t too long or boring.

People You Love‘ is based on the demise of a relationship and when I asked him it was based on his first relationship. It’s a reflection and you can feel the pain through the song as if letting this all out is a form of therapy. When he posed his song on twitter he said he’s held off releasing this song for a year! I get why he probably didn’t want to release it as it’s a very personal song and shows a vulnerable side to him but I am very glad he has; this is his best song that he’s released so far and I’ve still got it on repeat.

Listen to the song here:https://soundcloud.com/whoissmink/peopleyoulove

By Destiny Crawford-Corri

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