Vans Meets Lazy Oaf

Vans have collaborated with independent, London-based fashion brand Lazy Oaf to give customers a quirky take on classic staples. Both brands have a history of incredible collabs, with Vans taking on the likes of Opening Ceremony, Anti Social Social Club and Supreme.

In 2018, Lazy Oaf have already teamed up with Dr. Martens and Betty Boop. So now, mixing these two brands together, what could be better than combining quirky with classic?




They’re bringing a head-to-toe collection that includes Vans’ signature checkerboard motif and a dreamy colour palette of baby pink, white and black. For many of us, one of the most exciting pieces being released from this collection is of course, the Vans shoes – not just one pair, but four. My favourite, is the chunky Old Skool Platforms that feature a black suede upper with a sweeping pink leather stripe, tied together with clashing checkerboard laces. But that’s not even the best bit; cut into the black platform are three white hearts and a secret detailing of ‘Bad For You’ on the back. The three other silhouettes include the iconic checkerboard Slip-Ons covered in Lazy Oaf’s side-eye motif, a brand new issue of pink and black 90s Vans Style 29 and a more subtle, floral version of the Authentic.


The apparel within the collection is all very wearable, including three t-shirts, dresses and bodysuits alongside a single hoodie and skirt. These are finished off with a cap, bag and pair of socks offered in three different cute colourways including check, hearts and fun stripes. Gemma Shiel, founder of Lazy Oaf, summarises the entire collection as ‘weird, a little bit of rebellion and a good chunk of sass’.


With summer just around the corner, this collection is perfect for bringing a touch of candyfloss pink to your wardrobe and making a bold statement on your feet. So if you’re “nonconventional” and love to “keep it weird”, shop the entire collection ASAP.

Available online on Vans and Lazy Oaf official sites and in selected stores by April 13th




Written by Sophie Butler- Fashion Contributor at Ragged CULT Magazine


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