Gosha: ‘Something New Is Coming’

Globally-recognised Russian designer Gosha Rubchinskiy has managed to remain lowkey throughout his 10 year eponymous brand. Only in recent years has he became more accessible and a familiar name within mainstream streetwear. With an endless list of collaborations from the likes of Adidas and Vans to heritage brands like Burberry, he’s grown a massive following of admirers with his Post-Soviet identity. Yet despite the success, in a recent announcement it appears that the Gosha brand may be coming to an end – or something along those lines.

With no warning, Rubchinkskiy announced via Instagram that he’s stopping the ‘brand as you’ve known it’ and ceasing all seasonal collections. But before you impulse-buy the remaining Rubchinskiy tees and hoodies from Dover Street Market, he concluded his announcement with a vaguely anticipating statement: ‘Instead, something new is coming.’

Rubchinskiy is heavily supported by Comme des Garçons and according to a spokesperson from CDG, after the Autumn/Winter 2018 season, the entire Gosha Rubchinskiy brand will no longer exist. CDG are continuing to work alongside Rubchinskiy to discover an entirely fresh perspective on how to ‘make and sell product’.

This blunt news comes unexpectedly due to his recent ventures and success, bringing a huge cloud of curiosity and excitement. Many admirers of his work will be wondering whether he will continue to produce his renowned Post-Soviet aesthetic that’s mixed perfectly with skate culture which got him to where he is today. His skate-inspired PACCBET label remains untouched currently by this overhaul.

Only a week before this announcement was made, Rubchinskiy spoke to Hypebeast about his future prospects and made very obvious hints towards a long-overdue change coming. When speaking on his own Gosha line, he expressed that he’s ‘tired of doing season to season collections’ suggesting he’s dissatisfied with the fast-paced industry. He went on to talk openly of his goals for the brand, saying ‘I want to change the strategy and do more project-based things. Maybe that means a womenswear line sometime’. So maybe, Rubchinskiy is just naturally a rebel and doesn’t want to be consumed by something he doesn’t respect, instead he’s reinventing the industry to suit him. Whether this be through engaging an entirely new market or producing much more exclusive pieces.

Although it may be the end of bold Cyrillic print t-shirts and hoodies we all love, it could be a fresh beginning for the creative and innovative mind of Gosha Rubchinskiy.

By Sophie Butler

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