The Legendary Good Mixer is back!

It’s official, The Good Mixer is back in business. The iconic pub has been taken back from developers by new landlords who have vowed to make sure it remains as a Britpop, traditional pub.

The good news, which was announced today, is that the boozer will open its doors again next Friday. The new management is Magic Roundabout and Near & Fear cocktail bar owner, Sarah Holgate.

The Good Mixer holds a special place in Camden’s music history as the hotspot for up and coming stars of the Britpop era of the 90s. The likes of Blur and Amy Winehouse were often in there. Sarah has managed to get hold of that iconic photo of loads of boys staggering from the pub which will hand above the bar in the pub; there will also be a jukebox playing Britpop music and will be showing the famous English dish, pie and mash.

It’s had a slight makeover and we can’t wait to be hanging out there again!

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