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It’s amazing how social media can connect all sorts of different people. That’s usually how I discover most people and it is in fact how I discovered Gretel. She happens to know quite a few people I do as well and I saw that sh creates art. I noticed her art really centres around the female form which definitely should be praised. I managed to interrupt her busy schedule to catch up for an interview; check out what she had to say below.

Name: Gretel Warner

Age: 21

City: Kent

Occupation: Fine art student


Tell us a bit about yourself?

“I love writing and I love history. English, Art and history were always my favourite subjects at school. I’ve always had a passion for cycling (mountain biking in particular)- I competed for years but stopped due to my asthma. It’s something I have loved doing since I was 4 and really struggled when I had to stop, but I’ll always love it.”

How did you get into art?

“I was quite old actually, I didn’t even know I could draw and just one day I started drawing and I loved it. I was maybe about 11? It was by chance really, I’d never really tried to properly draw or put the time into it; I just happened to give it a go one evening and really looked at what I was drawing.”

What inspires your art?

“Other powerful, intelligent, strong women! The project I am currently creating work for is inspired by me and my experiences, focusing on my insecurities and struggles with body image. I suppose I am inspired by life experiences and what it is like to be a young woman in today’s world.”

I saw that you’re in your last year at uni, what uni do you go to? What’s it like studying there? What are you studying?

“The Cass, at London Met. It’s not amazing. I applied to study art really really late,; I did not do a foundation course. I studied English Literature at Plymouth University for a year and hated it, so it was actually a really last minute decision; so I was not fussy where I studied. I figured, if I work hard enough I can achieve whatever I aim for, wherever I am studying. I like that it is in London, a lot is happening and it’s just a good place to be. We also have/had really big studio spaces, so that is a bonus!”

Do you have any creative influences?

“Yeah loads! But my top ones are: Louise Bourgeois, Paul Ruben, Picasso, Cecily Brown and Rose Wiley. There are way more but yeah, that’s a few of my top ones.”

I saw that you have your own blog, what do you tend to post on there?

“I don’t post too much on there at the moment, as I have so much uni work going on. I tend to post my thoughts really… I find it much easier to write than talk- I get quite anxious and struggle to always get my words out how they are in my head. I think my thoughts are expressed far more eloquently through the written word. I talk about what it is like to be a young woman, sex, relationships, body image, feminism, insecurities, social media- Just life!”

A lot of people who are creative really struggle with their own demons and insecurities, have they affected your art or stopped you from doing things you want to do?

“I really struggle with insecurities and my mental health is pretty  rocky, but if anything, it inspires me and drives me to create art. I am able to make use of the negativity and turn it into something fun and beautiful!”

Where do you see yourself in five years time?

“God… I haven’t got a clue. I just want to be healthy, happy, successful and fulfilled!”

Do you have any advice for any artists starting out or people want to get into art?

“Just do your thing and what you love! Be inspired and aim to inspire others!”

Check out some of Gretel’s work below and make sure you follow here blog <3

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By Destiny Crawford-Corri

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