Ragged CULT Introducing ~ Phobophobes

South London seems to be a breeding place for creativity – Phobophobes (which ironically means the fear of being afraid) are a six piece alternative band –  they happen to be one of them. The band consists of former members of Fat White Family and Meatraffle: Jamie TaylorChris OCDan LyonsJack FusseyBede Trillo and Christo McCracken. They are signed to Ra-Ra Rok Records who have been an ideal partner for them as they really get the bands vision.


Phobophobes have been grafting hard and taking every bad experience they had in previous years and have given their everything to put out their album ‘Miniature‘.  They have been compared many a time to The Cramps and Nick Cave. Check below for their latest album: https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/miniature-world/1335723021


Phobophobes are currently in the midst of their UK tour and we are delighted that we will be seeing them headline the legendary 100 Club with support from YOWL on Monday the 26th March.


Tickets are available here: https://app.dice.fm/event/v3q7d-phobophobes-26th-mar-100-club-london-tickets

By Destiny Crawford-Corri

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