Today sees the return of Louise Orwin’s “A Girl And A Gun” for a six performance run during the last week of The Vaults Festival in London.

The hit show’s premise is based on a quote from New Wave French director, Jean-Luc Godard who famously said about his films, “All I need is a girl and a gun”. As the starting point for this witty, and unflinchingly provocative show, Louise performs alongside an unprepared male performer who hasn’t seen the script before. The result is an exploration of the film industry’s portrayal of female characters -a poignant reminder of the recent movie industry scandals.

Orwin’s sharp script, which is satirical and challenging looks at, and critiques the use of girls and guns as as easy plot devices, and the audiences that watch them. Each show features a different male co-star who views the script for the first time then reads his lines from the autocue. Structured as both a play and an exercise in live filmmaking, he is asked to do ever more extreme things to Louise’s character as the show progresses. Ultimately, he must decide what he will and won’t do -all of this against a backdrop of ‘gun-twirling’, play-acting and Nancy Sinatra-dancing.

Go-see Louise Orwin’s thought-provoking satire of the film industry at The Vaults Theatre while ticket availability lasts.

Dates: 14, 15, 16, 17 March @ 19.20 hrs; 18 March @ 14.55hrs, 19.20 hrs.




*Image used is the property of Louise Orwin. I am not responsible for the source of the image beyond Louise Orwin*

Written by Chenaii Crawford Corri

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