Ragged CULT Introducing : Grandson

My sister Charis introduced me to Grandson last week and I’ve had all of his songs on repeat since; his music is intoxicating like a drug.

Grandson, real name Jordan Benjamin, is originally from New Jersey but grew up in Toronto; he relocated to LA which is where he’s based at the moment. He comes from a musical family and was raised on Classic Rock, Hip Hop, Dancehall and many other genres. He taught himself how to play guitar and piano and then turned to beatboxing and freestyle rapping; he began recording while being a student at McGill University Montreal. His first single ‘Bills’ was released in 2016.

Most of his music is a mix of blues hard rock guitars and trap beats. He raps about real life, real issues, relationships and the hardships of everyday life.

His latest single ‘Overdose‘ is already his fourth most popular song on Spotify. It’s about he reality of drugs; escapism that isn’t being achieved by taking drugs and deciding a change needs to be made.

Check out his single below:


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