Live at The Hope & Anchor ~ Dirty Sister


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By Destiny Crawford-Corri

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As a music editor I’m always on the look out for bands/artists that I can listen to; its a cycle without music writers artists wouldn’t be where they are and vice versa. It’s been a while since I’ve found a new indie/rock band that I actually like. So when dirty sister followed us on Twitter I was very happy. It just so happened that they had an up and coming gig at The Hope & Anchor on Saturday 24th February.

I’ve never been to The Hope & Anchor so was interested to see what the venue was like. First impressions of the venue was that it was smaller than I thought even though it can fit 80 capacity and the toilets were also situated on a really inconvenient place. It was rammed full of hot bodies bopping their head to the  singer songwriter Jake Marsh whose was performing on stage. I only caught a couple of his songs which were a mixture of originals and covers; one being a cover of Mr Probz -Waves. I like the original but tbh I preferred his acoustic version as it came straight from the heart and was full of emotions.

There was a break in between acts where a pre made playlist was playing out songs from Franz Ferdinand, Bring Me The Horizon and Foofighters. I was thoroughly happy with the playlist and was one of the only people belting out the lyrics to each song. I did notice that quite a few people left before the next act came on but tbh I don’t think it mattered as it made it a more intimate affair.

Dirty Sister soon appeared on stage where they began to set up for their set inbetween mingling with people they knew in the crowd. Their intro started with a sample from Star Wars before launching into their first song. I’m used to seeing the odd band member change instrument some point during the set but DS (Dirty Sister) changed instruments on almost every song and alternated doing lead vocals. I thought changing instrument all the time would be  chaotic but they’ve mastered the smooth transitions.

I love their constant interaction with the crowd; engaging us to join in with the songs even if we don’t know the lyrics. One of their most popular songs was ‘Reality Tv’ which is infectiously catchy. I found myself sing ” R E ALITY TV”. There were a few fumbles and mistakes during the set but you know what? That just added to the authenticity of the performance; s**t happens.

DS have three songs already released that you can find on all platforms. I think with time other people are going to sit up and pay attention to this band; they’re destined for big things. Links to their social media and music below.




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