KANIVA – Crazy

By Jakub

All in all, the instrumental is well supporting with the vocals, adding a great vibe to the song, a very distinct drum pattern as well as a very distinct clicking sound that adds another level to the song. It adds a certain charm to it to make it stand out from others. The hook to the song is repetitive but it’s well structured, once it comes on it fills you with the sudden urge to sing a lot to the song. Despite the fact the vocals are very monotone, the instrumental of the song makes it work well, turning it into a club banger that everyone could dance to and appreciate.

One the flip side, where the song is weak is the repetitive nature of it, in terms of its structure, which does enable it to be replayed many times, but its also its downfall since it could possibly get boring quick, which isnt a bad sign at all, its a sign of a good song, a potential charting song, but like many of the popular hits, it could get overplayed.

Overall, i really enjoy the song, it can be a potential hit, with songs like Barking by Ramz topping charts, with time, this song could end up blowing up majorly, keep an eye out for it!


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