Joyner Lucas & Chris Brown – Stranger Things

By Jakub

The song starts off small, with a simple pattern 3 keys repeating giving it the “stranger things” vibe which the song takes inspiration for name. Once Chris Brown comes in with his verse, the overwhelming amount of sound that hits you adds a charming vibe to the song. When Lucas comes in with his verse, it elevates the song, starting off with overwhelmingly fast verse, in the middle of  the song it goes back to a more standard flow, more accustomed to more modern “mumble rappers”. The songs structure itself has no hook, with verse after verse, line after line of punchlines, and it doesn’t stop until the last few seconds of the song, carrying the same energy from the initial build up at the start, to the end. This is a song I could play for days, looking at all the lyrics and just appreciating the pace and vibe of it.

On the flip side, the only negative I see can also be seen as a positive, with no solid structure, but a constant flow throughout the song, means endless listening sessions and not hearing the same repetitive hook every time the verse ends.

Overall, I love this song and I think even if your not a fan of Joyner Lucas or Chris Brown, you should give this song a try and see if it changes your mind, it certainly changed mine. It’s going on my daily playlist for sure!


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