By Destiny Crawford-Corri

Well I had no idea that Traphouse made music so it was a shock when I saw on Instagram that he was working on an album. I was so excited to hear what he’d been cookin up. However, I remember the last time I went to get a tattoo in August he’d literally just lost all the music he’d been making so seeing him finally release his album after having to start all over again, I feel like a proud mum.

The album is appropriately named Traphouse after him which hinted that it was about him and his life experiences. This album consists of 9 tracks which he dropped on his own website where you can listen or download for free. Like so many people make music with their goal profiting off people but he made sure his music would be free so anyone can listen which I found admirable.

The album starts off with the song JGGREY; anyone who lives in London will recognise the annoying voice at the beginning of a tube/train voice going “Mind the gap” (gosh I find those voices annoying aha). Might be just me but I find his voice quite soothing and there’s also a female voice on this track. It has almost a dreamy feel to it like you could just zone out and get high. He’s talking about the negativity you get from other people when you’re trying to make it as something; he’s worked his way up to where he is today.

One of my favourite songs on the album is Sweardown. This is a shorter song than the previous one which I think works really well. It opens with Traphouse talking about friendship and what that means to him (like a ‘ride or die’ mentality). He mentions he doesn’t just throw out the word friend which really touched me because I’m the same. A lot of people’s friendship circles are smaller than they used to be, you have to earn that title. It’s not secret of his past dealings and ofc he mentions about the dealing in this song; but look how far he’s come.

Even writing this I’m already singing the chorus of this song, Dirty Money – ” I like my money dirty I like my girls dirty.” This song is catchy af, if you aren’t bopping your head to it then idk for you. It’s a slightly ex rated track but if you know trap then this song is 100% him. It’s interesting that there’s a line that says “Fuck with girls if they’re over 18”. So many rappers get caught out for having sex with underage girls so it’s good to see that he has morals.

HERITAGE is by far my favourite track on this album. You can hear a lil snippet of him singing which continues through the chorus. The guy can sing; let’s hope in the future he’ll give us a bit more singing. If you don’t know already Traphouse is a tattooer and he references this in the song as he’s very successful so many people wanna get his art on their body. He’s a very busy man and has a lot he wants to achieve.

What I was shocked to find out that he produced, wrote, mastered all of this himself. What a multitalented guy. For those of you who love his album there’s good news…he’ll be releasing a mixtape every month on his website for FREE. If you haven’t already check out the album 🌊🌊🌊

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