London Edge is finally here, and we’d like to give you an insight into this 2 day event. So, what is London Edge? In a nutshell, London Edge is a collective showcase of alternative sellers, brands and designers- an alternative to the pricey mainstream London Fashion Week. At London Edge there’s pretty much an ample variety of different areas of alt- fashion, from vintage to eccentric pastels and modern gothic. Represented by on-trend influencers and bloggers, London Edge provides opportunities for those who want to flourish within non-pop culture. What I really admire about London Edge, is the fact that they don’t just promote larger more established brands; they focus as much attention on smaller emerging brands as well. The twice annually event includes showrooms, catwalk shows, pop up booths, live performances and much more. Highlights for London Edge Spring are from the likes of Voodoo Vixen, Jawbreaker, YRU, Collectif as well as smaller businesses such as Mermaid Salon, Smoking Daisies and Kitsch Republic. Overall, if like me you’re into modern alt-culture, I highly recommend you come and join London Edge this weekend. Registration is still open to attend. You won’t regret it- I can promise you that :p


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Words by My Superiority Complex


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