The Indoor Garden of Millennial Delights

Exhibition by Ana Rosa Louis

Friday the 9th to Sunday the 11th of February

Ana Rosa is a local Artist/Illustrator whose is planning to move to South Italy to volunteer with Projects Abroad helping Refugees from Africa and Syria. This exhibition will feature the last 4 years of her work and is a fundraiser to pay for the placement and travel.

Ana Rosa works mostly in an abstract style using pagan influenced figurative/plant imagery. A lot of her work is painted on found or recycled objects, including canvases and boards found on the streets of Acton. Her work is often very personal and intimate, based on an intense yet fleeting emotion such as elation or panic.

Over all the work was an attempt to know and love herself after walking away from years of domestic violence, misogyny and racism.  She achieved this through studying Anthropology, Jungian Psychology, modern witchcraft, Sufi philosophy on love and a few relationships.

She is an intersectional feminist and her work is feminist but her focus is more on personal expression, love, sexuality, emotional states. She hopes to encourage people regardless of their art skills to explore their emotional states or sexuality through drawings or other mediums as a way of self-healing which in turn helps everyone. She also draws/writes a satirical comic called London Life about being a single woman living alone with a lot of talking plants. This project is largely influenced by the writings of Jose Saramago and began as an Inktober Challenge. Artist influence includes Frida Kahlo, Georgia O’keeffe, William Morris and the Cubists as well the cave paintings of Prehistoric artists.

The Indoor Garden of Millennial Delights is an attempt to bring all her work together as an installation from the perspective of a millennial woman who graduated Art school in 2008 (recession) and had to find a creative way to get through the financial and social issues of the next decade. She feels that London has lost what made it special and now wants to focus more on helping other people who might benefit from her creative experience.

The event will include live music and food sponsored by Natoora.

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