R.I.P LIL PEEP – Suicide Factory Tribute

By Suicide Factory

I first heard Lil Peep when everyone was hyping about his newly released mixtape Crybaby; I wasn’t really into rap music back then and would listen to a lot of pop punk. However, as time went on and as his popularity grew I became drawn to his emo-vibe routes which were very prominent especially in the Hellboy mixtape. I loved Peep’s passion to be himself, he couldn’t care less what others thought and I believe that helped me through a lot. I was always self-conscious and had a very low self esteem and I feel as if his impact on my life helped that.

I was lucky to see Peep in Islington, London, in September 2017 where I made very special and close friends as well as some memories I’ll never forget. It was that show that made me truly believe becoming big within the music industry is what I want to do with my life. Seeing him & Bexey preform was insanely good and I’ll always have the words from Star Shopping lodged into my mind after seeing him perform it acapella.

I made a song in commemoration of Peep which is in one of my mixtapes. I strongly believe he would have changed much more than just the music industry.


Thank you for the memories, Peep


Suicide Factory x  



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