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♠My Top 10 Aliexpress Tips♠

~I’m an avid Aliexpress buyer. I buy most of my non-branded clothing and footwear from there (bite me tiger!) Go on, screw up your nose, cringe and sigh all you want, just hear me out. I know not many people trust buying from Chinese trading sites, I get it- I truly do! Even a savvy shopper like me has had mess-ups on here and yeah despite the fact most of the time I don’t have a problem with the items, it does always feels like a gamble. On the flip side,  I kind of want to change your view, and show you how absolutely amazing Aliexpress is. Seriously, I have found some true gems on there. When people ask where it’s from, they’re stunned. There are specific things you do need to know before purchasing on there. Anyhow, I 100% definitely recommend at least having a little meander around the site, because you never know until you see for yourself, right? They sell the same items of clothing as stores like Shein, Rosegal and Romwe due to these brands also being China based. Aliexpress also have legitimate Nike and other similar brand outlets on their site (they no longer condone copyright branded items to be sold on their site for obvious legal reasons). What I love most about Aliexpress is the fact it caters for everyone’s individual preferences. You’re a goth? No problem, they’ve got you covered. Wanna look like an Instagram baddie? Sure Aliexpress’ got what you’re looking for. Another pro is how cost effective it ends up being instead of tossing your whole month’s wage down the drain when shopping at high street brands. I’ve noticed there seems to be this pre-conceived judgment that all the clothes on there are of crap quality, which is far from the truth. Anyway lemme stop ranting now and see below for my top 10 tips for shopping on Aliexpress ;)~


1. Download the Aliexpress app as there are special discount prices available only on the app version. So for example, if I wanted to buy a crop top on the Aliexpress desktop or mobile site, it would cost £5.67. Whereas on the app, it would only cost £4.50. It’s more convenient for on the go browsing as well.

2. Know your measurements. Like I said before, Chinese sizes are completely construed. I cannot express to you enough how important it is for you to know at least your bust, waist and hip measurements if not your shoulder, chest, thigh and leg inseam as well. When you leave feedback it asks you how it fits and for you to leave your height and weight measurements, but we all have enough common sense to know your weight is just a number and it doesn’t determine whether the item will fit or not. Also, never buy without checking the size guide and the reviews to see whether customers advice you to size up or down. *Pre-warning: Like with every other mainstream retailers, they don’t make their clothes for us hourglass babes with booties so it’s a bit of a chore finding items (specifically skirts, shorts and jeans) to fit if you’re thick like me :/*

3. Find the right price. Multiple sellers sell the same items, so the best thing to do is to always go for the middle price. Usually the really cheap prices are probably going to be of poor quality. Meanwhile, if the price seems a ridiculously high, it probably is.

4. Linking to my previous point, really double check the quality. Obviously, you can’t do this physically, but you should keep an incisive eye out for the materials ‘used’ in the items. ‘Cause in the end what’s going to be warmer, a 100% cotton or 100% polyester jumper?…

5. Always check and buy from listings that have picture reviews. Considering most of the reviews are in broken Russian, it’s quite hard to even understand what they’re experience was with the items, let alone visualise it. The more photo feedback available, the more accurate your decision will be whether to buy the item or not.

6. Shipping time varies so buy in advance. If you want something for a special occasion, it’s always best to buy at least a couple of months prior. Yes,  I have received items from China within 6 days, however the usual shipping time period for the UK is between 2 -3 weeks.

7. If you’re not satisfied with your item, you can open a dispute. For all of my disputes, I’ve never had to return an item. If the seller and the buyer can’t liaise between each other in the given time period, Aliexpress will step in and make a final decision. Majority of the time you will get a full refund, but even if you don’t you have up to 5 working days after the dispute’s closed to request an appeal. If the worst comes to the worst, you can always contact your payment provider/bank and they will open a case for you.

8. Keep up to date with tracking. I’ve had rare occasions of the shipment for some reason getting cancelled, so keep regularly up to date with the shipping process. Better to be safe than sorry, eh?!..

9. Always read the description box. 80% of sellers like to copyright bloggers and high street retailers’ photos, so double check the description box to see if there’s any “real photos” of the item under there. They may in real life look nothing like the thumbnail photos. If the seller hasn’t posted any photos of what it actually looks like, simple- don’t buy it.

10. On the package it states what the contents of the parcel is. So if you’re going to buy something, idk well a little taboo, just a pre-warning that your postman may start looking at you differently….. :3

~Ultimately, you just need to first hand experience Aliexpress to see if it’s for you or not. And if it’s not, that’s 100% fine- I’m not forcing you to. I’m just simply doing my job and presenting to you a platform where you can you buy unique and fashionable pieces for very affordable prices 🙂 <3 ~

Stay lit, stay free

Yours truly forever- Chainbabe xoxo


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*This is not sponsored or affiliated content to any of the brands mentioned. All opinions are my own. All images used are property of individual Aliexpress sellers. I am not responsible for the source of the image beyond Aliexpress*
Written by Charis the Fashion Editor at Ragged CULT Magazine

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