Ragged CULT Introducing: Tallulah

By Destiny Crawford-Corri

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Pic 1- Harry Conway

Pic 2- Emma Williams

I first discovered Tallulah when I was scrolling through my Instagram explore feed. I instantly thought WOW this girl is groovy. Her whole persona and aura radiates positive energy and oozes confidence. I’ve watched her journey from making unique pieces of art, modelling, performing to releasing her debut song. Get to know Tallulah below.

Name: Tallulah

Age: 24

City: London

Occupation: Artìst

So tell us a bit about yourself Tallulah?

“So I’m Tallulah, born and bred in South-East London. I am a singer/songwriter and I make soulful, 80’s inspired songs. I’m a Sagittarius, I believe in angels, I have ADHD, I love leopard print, I’m a vegan, I have a phobia of hospitals and small holes. I love making music, performing, dancing, getting dressed up, and making zines and collages.”

Have you always been creative?

“Since I came out the womb probably. I’ve been making things for as long as I can remember. To be honest when I’m not being creative I don’t feel myself.”

How did you get into music?

“I’ve always been into music. My dad always listened to a lot of music especially female singers like Joni Mitchel, Melanie, Linda Perry (4 non blondes) Patti Smith, Kate Bush ect…so I grew up listening to a lot of talented women. I started singing when I was like five or six and I remember doing a talent show where my dad taught me Alison Moyet ‘Only You’; I came third place (should of won in my honest opinion, perhaps I’m biased). Anyways – so I started actually making music when I left The Brit School. It took a while to kinda find my sound, I was writing for other people a real mix of stuff, and now; here I am.”

You released your single ‘I feel again’ a couple of months again, what’s it about/concept behind it?

“‘I feel Again’ is a song I wrote after recovering from a pretty shit time. I’d been depressed and been suffering with it pretty badly, ‘I feel Again’ is about how it felt once I was better, reflecting on that time kinda thing. It was the first like positive song I’ve written. I wrote the song when I was in the studio with two producers, Jake and Charlie. I never normally have any trouble thinking of song concepts cause theres always been some kind of overwhelming feeling, emotion or drama going on, but I sat and for the first time thought wow and I actually feel fine. After that the song kind of wrote itself.”

Who is your biggest musical influencer?

“I would say my biggest musical influence is probably Cyndi Lauper. I love every song: her 80’s wardrobe is my dream, she wrote the score for Kinky Boots, she’s a LGBT activist, basically just a mega babe.”


 If you could collab with anyone dead or alive who would it be?

“Dead: I love Kurt Cobain, who knows what would come out but imagine I wrote a song with him!! 

Alive: N.E.R.D especially as now they have new stuff out that wold be sick. I love Pharrell!”

What inspired you to start ‘Trash Like You’?

“I love partying to be honest; I love any reason to dress up, and I love seeing loads of my friends in one place! The name ‘Trash Like You’ comes from a quote from Harmony Korine’s film ‘Gumo’ – the full quote is ‘Noting new for trash like you’. I love that film and I’ve got that and another quote from the film tattooed on me. I basically wanted to start a night, that was fun, people could wear whatever they wanted, and for it to be pretty non-specific in genre, more of just an anything goes kinda party! I did a tattoo pop up the other day to, that was fun. There will be nothing party in a couple of weeks, so come on down!”


 Whats next for you?

“So right now I’m basically getting everything ready for new releases, which is super exciting. I love the process of writing and recording etc but knowing I’ll be consistently releasing stuff this year feels great!”

We can’t wait to hear all the new releases Tallulah will be bringing out this year and we’ve definitely got to catch her performing live: go check her out, she’s gonna be a star!




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