Youth Makers of the Fashion Breakers

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Designers Included: John Lawrence Sullivan, X.U.B.O, Edward Crutchley, Studio Matthew Miller, Astrid Andersen, Bobby Abley, Art School, Rottingdean Bazaar, Cottweiler.

By Chainbabe

Mens Fashion week has drawn it’s curtains for now, and what diverse selection of designs and designers we’ve seen. Deviations of the classic puffer jackets, oversized vintage aesthetic and ghetto haute culture hallmarked the catwalk this AW18/19. I’m especially proud of the LCF (London College of Fashion) MA designers, for how much time and effort they dedicate into their craft whilst studying and having to manage all their undergrad stress (trust me, being an up-and-coming designer myself knows how tedious the process is). The same goes for all the established underground designers as well. The piece that particularly stood out for me  this LFWM would have to be Matthew Miller’s “Consent” design. This really broadcasts a message to our current youth and subtly critiques our modern society’s values and mentality, especially in conjunction with the recent “Me Too” campaign. Another up and coming designer who’s really caught my attention is Edward Crutchley. His use of tribal prints amalgamated into streetwear is not only fairly wearable but holds an element of chic-ness (despite being urbanwear). In addition I’d like to applaud the designer Bobby Abley who collaborated with Warner Bros Looney Tunes to prove that fashion doesn’t have to be ostentatious; menswear can be humorous and lighthearted. Overall, menswear week has been a success displaying the many talents and rewards of those who put their minds to something that they truly believe. Xoxo your OG fashion bunny- Chainbabe

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