Ragged CULT Introducing: Lil Pout

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By Destiny Crawford-Corri

I probably first heard of Lil Pout when my twitter friend Em retweeted him onto my timeline; I was instantly curious to find out more about him. Ever since that day I’ve been hooked to his demeanour and how much I could relate to him in many aspects including music and fashion. I managed to catch up with him inbetween his schedule.

  • Name: Finn O’Bryan
  • Age: 22
  • City: Weybridge

So tell me a bit about yourself?

“I like cartoons, dad rock and cherry cola.”

Haha as simple as that. How did you come up with the name Lil Pout?

“The name I was set on originally was just Pout, which always seems to get lost in translation. It was meant to be like the face you make  when you sulk, but gets confused as the other kind of pout. The ‘Lil’ part just seemed to work and I guess it helped me fit into the  category I wanted to move towards.”

How and why did you start making music?

“Music’s always been in my family; both my parents were and are involved in writing, performing and producing songs so I guess I felt kinda pressured. Although from the age of 4/5 I was buying CD”s of my favourite bands which could be anything from The Beatles to Slipknot if it was music I wanted. I got a guitar at 8 years old and I’m still learning now. One night I just sat at my computer and gave it a go and people seemed to like it so I kept it up.”

Thats really insightful actually, do you write all your own songs and produce them?

“For Lil Pout, I just do all the vocals and the mixing/mastering except for in a few cases. The beats are outsourced but for my other projects I write, record and produce everything. I never understood why you wouldn’t do it yourself if you could.”

For people who don’t already know, where can they hear your other projects?

“Everything at the moment is at the link below; new album will be coming out next month (hopefully)” www.finobryan.bandcamp.com

So you dropped your EP ‘drug love’ a few months ago, what’s it about? Whats the concept behind it? 

“Drug love was sorta me spilling out some leftover thoughts and feelings into songs. It’s about love, addiction, mental health, boredom, loneliness; basically everything a single boy goes through I think.”

It’s very powerful EP. Who would you say your biggest music influences?

“I guess it’s different for every project. Lil Pout was  heavily influenced by Lil Peep as most people can tell. The new album under my real name is heavily influenced by 70’s psychedelic rock and bands like The kinks.

Also will you be doing any gigs?

“No gigs planned at the moment. I’ve got hella anxiety and the chances of me playing shows are pretty slim at the moment”

That’s a shame because a lot of people would love to see you play.

“For sure, i’m working on it but I don’t wanna make any promises.”

So you also have your clothing brand Wept Clothing, how did you come up with the name for that?

“In all honesty, it’s just a word I thought looked cool on paper. 4 letters, simple and clean looking. The name doesn’t really mean anything (as much as I say it does).

Is it just you or is it a collective?

“I had a partner that used to help a lot but as of late, it’s just me.”

What inspires your designs?

“A whole bunch of stuff, a lot of 1930’s horror, american culture and mostly just things that come to mind when I walk.”

That’s sick. If you could collab with an existing brand who would it be and why?

“Other than the obvious ones like Superrradical and FTP, there’s a small brand here in the UK called HOODBATS that i’ve always really fucked with. Maybe Ransom too, but they’re on a whole other level now.”

The concept of having a drop every few weeks is pretty cool, is that to keep the clothes exclusive?

“I guess it just keeps things fresh, instead of dropping all at once. Also I get bored real easy so it’s good to switch up every couple of weeks.”

Big things are coming for Lil Pout; he is definitely going to blow up. Check out all of Pout’s social media below and give his songs a listen.