Sexton Ming Artwork

Sexton Ming is an artist, musician and writer from Gravesend Kent who now lives in Hastings. HIs work has covered many genres, from the raw garage punk of the Medway Scene to the camped up electronic dance music of Leigh Bowery’s Minty. Most recently, Sexton has been leaving a trail of cut up magazines all over the house as he creates pieces of artistic genius like the ones below.

The collage about the orgasm is Amber Rudd, our local MP (who is hated by most of Hastings) who is now the Secretary of State (promoted from Minister of Fracking).

“Soggy Brexit” is a take on the old English parlour game “Soggy Biscuit.” If you’ve not heard of it, ask your uncle Bob. Or, if you insist, Google. The Brexit bit. well, I don’t think I need to say more. 

“I’m camp” is Sexton’s take on if Mein Kampf had been written in Polari (or something like that… actually i’m not sure this is about but someone liked it so much that they bought the original.) 



History: the Medway Poets

Archive interview (2005):

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