Punk Fashion

By Destiny Crawford-Corri

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Before punk had actually got the name punk, people were fed up of mainstream fashion and high street shop culture. They wanted to stand out and be individual; this resulted in them deciding to go down the DIY approach and creating their own distinctive sense of style. Vivienne Westwood and Malcom McLaren saw a perfect opportunity here to open up a boutique selling the type of  clothes that the (unknown to them at the time) ‘punks’ would love to wear. However, the clothes were way too expensive for the average person so they decided to get second hand clothes and customise them or make their own outfits themselves. From deliberately offensive t-shirts, ripped, distressed material to motorcycle jackets accessorised with safety pins; they had it all. They also loved to wear bondage and latex pieces as well as some adopting the androgyny look. As time went on piercings, tattoos, studded and spiked accessories also became part of the mix.


To get an idea of the type of style they had, take a look down below at a photo montage of the looks and some of the bands around at the time. Montage includes:

  • Zillah Minx: Vocalist, Rubella Ballet
  • Caroline Coon: Artist, Journalist & Political Activist
  • Gaye Advert: Bassist, The Adverts
  • Polystyrene:Vocalist, X-Ray Spex
  • Michelle: Vocalist, Brigandage
  • Eve libertine: Vocalist, Crass
  • Gee Vaucher: Visual Artist for Crass the band
  • Helen of Troy: Actress and Vocalist Fuzs
  • Justine: Violinist Gretchen Hoffner
  • Lou: Vocalist, Evil
  • Mad Mary: Polystyrene bodyguard 
  • Olga Orbit: Keyboards, Youthanasia
  • Vi Subversa: lead singer, Poison Girls
  • Nettie Baker
  • Julie Burchill: author and journalist
  • Ruth and Janet: Vocalist and Guitarist, Hagar the womb
  • Rachel Minx: Bassist, Rubella Ballet 
  • Billy idol
  • The slits
  • The clash
  • Sex pistols